How I Lost 5.2 Pounds in One Hour!

Amazing but true! Its easy and I can show you how to do it too! First though, lets put the word “Lost” in quotes where it belongs!

How I “Lost” 5.2 Pounds in One Hour!

Here is how I did it:
  1. I drank two to three liters water over the course of about two hours. I drank till my urine was clear and I was having to pee about every 15 minutes
  2. I weighed myself three times and took the average of the weights – 238.2 pounds
  3. I went on a sweaty 10K jog and of course had to pee three or four times during my hour jog without drinking anything.
  4. upon returning, went number 2, showered, and went pee again
  5. weighed myself three times and took the average – 233.0 pounds
The optimist jumps off the scale with glee and shouts

Yipeee! I lost 5.2 pounds of fat in a single hour!!!

The pessimist crawls off the scale and mumbles:

Sigh, I lost 5.2 pounds of muscle in a single hour – cardio burns muscle :(

The person with common sense says:

That 5.2 pound difference is completely meaningless – its just sweat, pee and poo I lost!

This just goes to show that the scale by itself is horrible as a device for measuring your progress in losing fat if used improperly. What is the proper way to use a scale? Glad you asked!
How to properly use a scale to judge fat loss progress
  1. weigh every day when you first wake up and take the average of three measurements
  2. Graph your daily measurements over the last 30 days and draw the best straight line you can thru all the data points. That line is your weight loss progress.
  3. To truly tell how much of the weight loss was fat (rather than muscle) you need to measure your body composition using the skinfold caliper.
  4. If you dont use a skinfold caliper, use a tape measure and measure your waist and thighs daily. Graph this data every 30 days too. The tape measure on your waist is a better indication of fat loss than the scale is!