Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Everyone *thinks* they know how to do bicep curls. When many people start in bodybuilding, the first thing they want is big arms so even a rank beginner knows how to do dummbell curls. The problem is that dumbbell curls are easy to do but very hard to do correctly. The basic mistake people make is they use too much weight and then cheat so they can complete their reps. Using too much weight and cheating might impress your girlfriend, it might even impress your workout buddies, but your muscles are not so easily fooled. Using the improper weight, either too heavy or too light will hinder your ability to get stronger and bigger arms.

Form is key on dumbbell curls, most folks use terrible form. Here is how to do it correctly. Your elbows are pinned to your sides, the do not move one bit. Nothing moves except your your forearms, your back, legs, head are all completely motionless. If you have to swing or bounce then you are using way too much weight.

starting position. Arms down along sides, elbows pinned, palms up. Slowly exhale and raise both weights at the same time all the way to the top in a slow motion. It should take at least a count of “one one thousand, two one thousand” for you to get them up.
ending position. Note that elbows are in exactly the same position. Now slowly lower the weights back down to the starting position while inhaling. Again you should take at least two seconds to get them back down.

huge arm bicep