Egg Whites and Eggology

Has anyone bought any egg products from the company “Eggology”? Jon and Gareth on facebook brought this company to my attention and it looks like it might be a really good and inexpensive source of protein for people.

Here is Eggology’s egg-white product.
What I especially liked is that they have organic egg whites as well. Perhaps I could have saved lots of hate mail had I found about this company earlier, my video “Egg Yolks, Toss Them Out” won me the wrath of an angry public :(
If you have purchased any products from Eggology, please let me know what you thought of them. How was customer service? How was the quality of the product? Did it stay fresh and usable till the expiration date? I will be ordering some myself but I like making sure that people are universally happy with a product before I recommend it on my website.
Here is the video I got slammed for: