Grand prize announcement for next success stories contest

With all the excitement about this next contest I have decided to have a grand prize which will be three days of personal training from me and an interview which will appear on my youtube channel.

There are over 450 people signed up for the 5/1/2011 Success Stories contest on facebook alone and with all the hard work that people are doing to transform their bodies I feel bad having the only prize be signed scoobysworkshop t-shirt.

From among those who are selected to be on my muscle gain success stories and weight loss success stories pages I will select a grand prize winner. Remember, this isnt a beauty contest, its a fitness and health transformation contest. You can be 15 or 80, male or female, what matters is how much of an improvement you make and how you do it.
This contest is open to everyone except those living in Antarctica, Greenland, and countries designated as dangerous for US tourists. Somewhere between 6/1/2011 when the winners are announced and 12/1/2011, I will fly to where the winner lives to give the personal training sessions and film the interview.
Actually, given how amazing many of the success stories winners are, maybe THEY should give me personal training rather than the other way around :)