Idea to give my website more credibility?

What do you think of the idea of *pretending* to charge a monthly fee to give my website more credibility? People tend to value and trust things they pay for more than stuff they get for free because we are so used to good things costing more than poor quality things. This subject was brought up several times here on this blog and on facebook today.

The idea would be to make people think my website costs $29.95/mo but that there is some problem with my software and they were able to get in for free. I still am able to provide my website for free but have people value it.

What do you think? Good idea or something that will backfire? Im a straightforward no nonsense kind of guy and it feels very wrong to me. Balancing my gut feeling that it is wrong is the knowledge that more people would believe me and wouldnt give money to tge fitness scam artists. I dont like the idea but wanted to hear your thoughts.

One option I DO like is actually charging for my website some small amount (say $5/mo) and donating 100% to the American Heart Association or some other well respected charity. The only way I could consider charging even this small amount is if I gave 60 days free. One of the main reasons I started my website is to show those with no money at all how they could develop killer physiques. That is still my most important goal. There are lots of people who cant affird $5/mo and deserve to have the knowledge required to build healthy, killer bodies if they are willing to read, study and sweat. Health and fitness shoul be for everyone regardless of financial means

Comments? Suggestions?