Attitude is everything in fitness and health

You cant always control what happens to you but you CAN control how it affects you. Scientists cant explain this yet but the healing effects of positive mental attitude are real and significant. Happier people live longer, healthier lives. Its the power of positive thinking. Bad stuff happens – injuries, illness, disease, family problems, job problems. You can either stew on it and send yourself into a depressive downward spiral or just laugh and roll with the punches.

What makes me write about this now? Well, I’ve been punched and its time for me to laugh and roll – I’m much better at this now than I was as a twenty something. As many of you know, my shoulder has been getting worse and worse over the last 9 months. Two weeks ago I went to the surgeon and he said there was an 80% chance I would need surgery but I wanted to give the non-surgical option a try – cortisone shot and physical therapy. I was a very good boy and stopped all upper body workouts except physical therapy and focused hard on abs, legs and cardio. Well, after two weeks its very apparent that the non-surgical approach has failed, the inflammation is still so bad that I still cant even raise my arm.

So now I’m looking at surgery in the next two weeks and no upper body workouts for 3-6 months. When faced with news like that its easy to let yourself depressed if you look at things wrong. Ya, I’ll lose upper body strength and mass but it will come back eventually and I will finally have my shoulder fixed so I can have real workouts again which I havent had for a long time. I’m also looking forward to focusing on legs, abs and cardio as well as keeping my bodyfat low. Although I have pretty big legs, they lag behind my chest development so this is a great opportunity to improve my physique proportions. Calves should be as large as arms, I can work on that too. Having an injury is a blessing in disguise, having some doors shut sharpens your focus. My hope is that I will also get the green light to start swimming early on in my rehab so I can work at making my stroke more efficient as that is the easiest way for me to cut 15 minutes off my triathlon time. Because I will be doing one less weight workout per week, I will be able to devote more time to the current project I am excited about, the spanish version of