Which supplements should you take?

creatine? nitric oxide? hyrdoyxcut? protein powder? jack3d? no-xplode? glutamine? zma? Which supplements should you take?

Here are three foods/supplements that I strongly believe every bodybuilder over the age of 18 should be using:

    1. Protein Powder, isolated whey
    2. Flax seed , ground at home (not pills or oils)
    3. Green tea (not pills, just real brewed tea – no sweeteners or whiteners)

Here are supplements that many other people think are valuable, but am less optimistic about. You need to do research and decide for yourself. In my opinion, the below supplements might give you a 5% edge – not worth the money or potential health risks:

    1. Creatine
    2. Beta-alanine
    3. Glutamine
    4. Taurine
    5. Tyrosine
    6. Multivitamins

Please read my full report on supplements here. Anything you take, make sure it has been tested for toxicity and purity by an independent lab like USP Verified. Anything else that I have not mentioned, I dont recommend.