SRX Low Row For Lats

SRX Low Row For Lats

The SRX low row is one of my new favorite exercise. The best thing about it is that all you need to do it is this $5 SRX that you can take with you anywhere. If you havent made your SRX yet, this is how to make your own SRX setup. This exercise is appropriate for all levels of lifters from rank beginner to 30 year vetrans of lifting like myself. Its simliar to a low cable row at the gym without all the expensive equipment and it works lats, upper back, and traps.

To perform this exercise:

  1. Pack the shoulders.  Keep the shoulders down and back with the chest thrust out during the entire set.
  2. Keep the torso straight as an I-Beam with the core flexed tight to protect the lower back.  Dont drag your butt.
  3. Slowly pull to your hip and at the top of the motion, your elbows should brush against your waist.


To make this exercise really easy, step further away from the attach point and adjust the straps so you are more upright than horizontal. To make it REALLY hard, do it against a wall with your body held horizontally.


So that is it for the SRX low row, an awesome lat, shoulder and trap exercise you can do anywhere – at the gym, on vacation, or in your home gym.

SRX low row for lats