Bert Loses 200 Pounds!

Bert Loses 200 Pounds!

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Hey Scooby, I’ve been a fan for a while, and I thought I’d share my story with you! :)
My name is Bert. I am 24 years old. I live in Los Altos, California.

The First picture was taken at the very beginning of my dieting in October 2010. I didn’t start taking shirtless progress photos until I began posting on /fit/, sadly.
I was 375 lbs when I started. My lightest weight was 173, but that was with nealy no muscle mass.

I got started on my road to self-improvement because a friend of mine needed my help. He’d gotten his blood work back from the doctor and he had gone from borderline diabetic to full type-2 diabetic. He wanted me to be his diet-buddy, and I agreed. We started on a low-carb routine together, but he fell off the wagon a couple of months in, but I chose to stick with it; instead of nagging at him, I’d try to set an example. I’m glad it worked out for me, but I never could get him back on the program, sadly.

I did nothing but diet and cardio for the first year, and didn’t get into lifting until I had gone online to look into other aspects of self-improvement for me. The places I went suggested that I try lifting things up and putting them down. I quickly fell in love with strength training, and have been doing full-body strength routines ever since. My whole quality of life has improved. I am more active, I have more energy, more confidence, and in-general a lot more fun. I lift four days a week, I get 30-120 minutes of cardio every day, and I’m working towards getting degrees in kinesiology and nutrition, so that I can help others to do what I have done.

Congratulations Bert, Your transformation is nothing short of incredible.  For those of you out there who just dont think you can do it, read Bert’s story again :)