Home quarantine workout equipment


In my opinion, gyms should be closed nationwide because as I mentioned in my coronavirus preparation video last month, gyms are the absolute worse place for virus transmission.  Even if your gym is not closed, PLEASE workout at home because we must flatten the curve so that our health care system is not overwhelmed.

Here is all  you need for great home workouts:

  1. Suspension trainer
  2. Jump rope
  3. Doorway mount pullup bar
  4. 45 pound water dumbbells (below)
  5. resistance bands

Want workouts you can do? Start with these and note that you can scroll to the bottom and change the exercises:

NOTE: I make no money on any of the above products or any of the free workouts. 

I’m young and coronavirus will not affect me

There is still a large group of young people who still believe what President Trump said a month ago that “Coronavirus is no worse than the flu”.  First, he has publicly admitted that he was wrong.  Yes, if you are under the age of 30 then the risk of you dying from coronavirus is very small BUT what about your parents?  What about your grandparents? What about your favorite cable news anchor, actor, or teacher?  Remember, this is all about “flattening the curve”:


If you insist on going the gym, going to the bar, and going clubbing then you cause the virus to spread faster, and when we go above the line in the above graphic, you are killing your parents, grandparents, and favorite actors.

Foldable water containers

IMO every household in America needs two of these foldable water storage containers anyway for emergency water for earthquakes, hurricanes, or whatever.  These have not changed since my family used them in the 1970s going camping.  They hold 5 gallons of water ( 41.5 pounds) AND have a handle!  Of course, you dont need to fill them all the way up if you dont want but they are perfect for lunges, lat rows, curls, SDL, or any other pull exercise.

$15 Reliance Products Fold a Carrier – 5 Gal

… or just look in your shed for old 5 gallon paint buckets with lids, you can also buy the bucket and the lid at home depot for under $5 total!  Note: dont be storing emergency water in this bucket though unless you are interested in being in estrogen overdose :)


PLEASE!  Do not order weight plates and other heavy/bulky items online!!!   Our already crippled transportation system is over-taxed and the last thing they need is a bunch of people having 450 pounds of plates shipped to their doorsteps!