Scooby in Wien 28.6.2020 – 11.7.2020

Outfits that scream - I AM GAY

Just bought these shirts for my upcoming two week language course in Wien at the Goethe Institute (28th of June until 11th of July) so I don’t confuse anyone 😊 I have no problem correcting people who mistakenly say “your girlfriend” or “your wife” but sometimes people get embarrassed for making the assumption and the shirt prevents this. Of course, I could also wear one of the outfits in photo 2 to class but street clothes are more practical and comfortable I will be doing a 10 day bike trek after the class, not sure where yet but 1000km will be the distance. If you want to hang out with me in #Vienna, just show up at #dasgym as I will be there a lot. I will also be biking around #DonauInsel almost daily to get my cardio so look for the big guy on the tiny “circus bike”. For details on this trip, keep an eye on my blog.