Broke Bodybuilder $1 Supermeal

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This $1 supermeal for the broke bodybuilder is cheap and healthy. New research shows that spinach contains a natural steroid that increases muscle mass.

This is a superfood meal perfect for the broke bodybuilder. This meal only costs about $1 and not only is it perfect for building muscle on a budget but its really healthy too.
When you are on a tight budget, getting enough vitamins and anti-oxidants for healthy muscle building can be difficult but this $1 meal is packed with them. We hear the term “superfood” thrown around a lot, most of the time its to sell some fad diet but this $1 meal contains two of the original and undisputed superfoods: eggs and spinach.

For those of you who “don’t like spinach”, you need to decide what is important here because you are broke and dont have a lot of choices. If you dont mind being a sickly skinny-fat then just eat Top Ramen. On the other hand, if you want to be muscular, strong, and shredded then you need to toughen up and eat some things like this superfood scramble, my tuna burger meal or last weeks budget chili.

Spinach as a steroid

Popeye was onto something long before scientists.  Turns out that popeye eating spinach to get really strong now has research to back it up.  A paper just published this summer titled “Ecdysteroids as non-conventional anabolic agent: performance enhancement by ecdysterone supplementation in humans” suggests that spinach might be a very effective muscle growth aide.   How many expensive, untested snake-oil supplements from bodybuildingDOTcom can match results from spinach?

“Participants in these groups increased their muscle mass by 1.5 and 2 kilograms (3.3 and 4.4 pounds) respectively …”

In the very near future, do not be surprised if spinach based supplements are banned for Olympic competitors.

How many eggs should I use?

Great question! Because everyone has different metabolic rates because of their weight and the amount of cardio they do, it depends! BUT, I can show you how to portion this recipe precisely for YOUR metabolic rate, cut/bulk goal, AND make a meal plan for the entire week in just 30 seconds! Open a free account, enter your height, weight, etc, then click on “week meal plans”, select “broke bodybuilder”, and click the create meal plan button. Now just click on the link for wednesdays meal plan and you will see the scramble perfectly portioned for you!

Cost depends on how big your portion size is! Somewhere between one an two dollars. Eggs are 16 cents each, 12 ounces of spinach are 99 cents, and the potato will cost about 11 cents.

If 30 seconds is too long for you to make a free custom meal plan for the week, you can make this instant Broke Bodybuilder Mealplan in about 15 seconds.

Thats it the broke bodybuilder $1 superfood scramble! Enjoy!