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Many people are interested in gluten free diets.  If you want a free gluten free meal plan that is customized for your precise metabolic needs that is optimized for health, muscle building, and fat loss, here is the best gluten free diet. This bodybuilding gluten free diet does not contain any of the highly processed, pre-packaged, and unhealthy foods you see at the grocery store but rather uses naturally gluten free, unprocessed foods.

There are different magnitudes of problems that people have with gluten, lets start with the least problematic to the most deadly.

Gluten intolerant, gluten sensitivity

Often people find that they simply do not feel well when the eat wheat products.  They sometimes feel bloated or low in energy.  Books like “Wheat Belly” talk about this.  We still do not understand the science behind this.  Perhaps our bodies more sensitive to things like nuts and wheat because the lack of fiber in modern day nutrition does not allow the bio-diversity of fauna in the intestines required to keep our health and digestion systems running at 100%.  Perhaps the problem is that centuries of cross-breeding has turned wheat into something our stomachs simply cannot deal with, who knows.  This condition is often self diagnosed but when people start eating gluten free, they immediately start feeling better. Do people feel better because they are no longer eating gluten? Do they feel better because this gluten free diet is such good nutrition having lots of vegetables and almost no processed foods? Is it because it restores the fauna in the intestines by providing lots of fiber for them to thrive?  Is it placebo effect? No idea, but it really does not matter because this gluten free diet works, helps people feel a lot better, have more energy, helps them lose fat, and helps them gain muscle. Who cares why!

Gluten allergy

When people have a full blown gluten allergy, things get really unpleasant.  Here are some pretty reliable indications that you need to go to a doctor and get diagnosed because if its not an allergic reaction to gluten then its something pretty bad.  Here are the symptoms:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Abdominal pain or cramping
  • Skin rash
  • Unexplained weight loss

If you have these symptoms and want to do a quick self diagnosis while you wait for your doctors appointment, try eating this healthy gluten free diet while you are waiting.  If the symptoms go away then you know your problem AND your solution. QED

Celiac disease

Celiac disease is hereditary and affects 1% of the population but people with a first-degree relative with celiac disease have a 10% risk of developing it.

If you have celiac disease, pretty good chance you will find out because you will be so sick you will have to be admitted to a hospital.  Celiac is an auto-immune disease where the consumption of gluten causes the body to attack the intestines.   There is no cure for celiac disease and the only way to deal with it is to make sure that you consume no gluten at all.  These are the people who really need to read every list of ingredients carefully because even a whiff of wheat can cause a trip to the hospital.

If I had celiac disease, I can guarantee you that I would not put my life in others hands.  I would not eat any pre-packaged products nor would I eat in restaurants.  This disease is so serious and life threatening that I would make all my own meals from scratch so that I was 100% certain that I was not being exposed to wheat.

Is Gluten-free nutrition healthy?

The thing that many people do not realize is that many nutritional plans are gluten free.  For example, I have basically been gluten free for 5 years because I do either low carb nutrition where the carbs are only from non-starchy vegetables like cauliflower or I do my vegetarian meal plan which avoids grains because they do not have as much protein as things like legumes.   Then there is keto nutrition which is also gluten free because it contains no grains of any kind.  When you use any of the linked meal plans here, “gluten free” is not only VERY healthy, but optimal for muscle building and fat loss.