Natty Gainer 5000!

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Like everything I do, I try very professional to make my DIY videos are more than they appear. My fitness videos are not just about fitness, they are subtly or not so subtly about life. Zen. Setting goals in life is even more important than it is in fitness. Learning to be in the moment is even more important in life than in fitness. When lifting you have to focus on every muscle fiber during a curl instead of thinking about that text you are going to send between sets. The journey IS more important than the destination because we all end up at the same place, only our paths are different. Delayed gratification, again, just as important in financial planning as it in weight loss. Zen. DIY is not about saving money, its about self confidence and joy. DIY is about learning how to do something right and taking pride in it. You are not an expert BUT you care more about quality than anyone you would hire so your work will be better. You may or may not be interested in the specific topic of one of my DIY videos but its the process that is important, not the specifics. What you learn in DIY is applicable to fitness and visa versa. Everything is connected. How strong you are compared to others is not important. What matters is that you improve. How much money you make is not important, what matters is that you save some each month. Taking a job you hate just to buy junk you don’t need is the definition of insanity.