One weird trick to gain muscle and lose fat

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Very few things in life are this easy. Gaining muscle is a LOT of hard work and takes a LOT of time. Losing fat takes incredible dicipline. The trick I am about to tell you does not reduce the work BUT it gives you much better results for the work you are already doing. Work no harder, better results – almost a dream come true. Legitimate peer-reviewed research published in respectible journals backs me up here. If you sleep more, you will gain more muscle. If you sleep more, you will lose MORE fat and LESS muscle.

Which leads me to this one simply trick to gain muscle and lose fat – put all your electronics in airplane mode for 9 hours starting when you get into bed. I can guarantee you that you will sleep longer and better.
I know you *like* social media because its designed to make you crave it – its brain-crack! I know you claim that it does not interfere with your sleep but I can tell you that you are wrong, dead wrong. Social media stimulates the brain in ways the books do not because they are two way interactions and wake you up. Reading emails and texts does the same thing – your brain starts churning about all the things you HAVE to do then you find yourself wide awake and stressed out and unable to sleep. – all these things turn the neurons in your brain into a fireworks show.

Its that simple. You will gain more muscle and lose more fat by simply putting your phone in airplane mode for 9 hours.

One more thing, you know all those people who worry about radiation? from microwaves, from power lines, from those utility smart meters on your gas or electric meter? Well that cellphone is a microwave oven without a door and its pointed at your brain. Airplane mode turns it off.

I dont have time to sleep 8 hours!

Guess what, you have 24 hours a day just like I do. I work 10 hours a day, exercise 2-3 hours a day, run a forum, answer questions on YouTube and Facebook and build an airplane and yet I have time to sleep 8-9 hours. People get used to rituals and these become things that they “have to do”. The older you get, the more rituals you collect until you spend your entire day doing rituals and getting nothing at all of real value done. I saw this with our neighbor Helen as we took care of her in her 90s. If you take a very close look at where every minute goes and then ask if you were doing the most important thing with that minute, the answer is usually “No”. For example, I get all kinds of resistance from people who do not like my supersetting workouts that do not have any rest time. These people would rather spend 4x more time in the gym, rest 2-3 minutes between sets and “multi-task” by “working” on their smart phones. Tell me how important all that Instagram and Facebook surfing really is compared to sleep. Please, do my time management program! You will find that you DO have time to work out. You DO have time to do cardio. You DO have time to sleep.

Proof please!

You know what is *really* funny? The people who hear about this “one weird trick” and demand eight, peer reviewed articles proving my claims here are going to be exactly the same ones who waste hundreds of dollars a month taking untested and potentially dangerous supplements based on what they hear in the locker room. Really?

Having said that I will post research links tomorrow :)