DIY airline sleeping headrest for tall people

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If you are tall, sleeping is next to impossible in a normal airline seat because there is nothing to rest your head against. A normal airline seat comes barely to the top of my shoulders. Solution? Three 1/4″ lightweight plywood panels, each 16″ x 10″. The panels overlap by 5″ and at each joint have four holes drilled to accomodate cable ties. Backrest stores easily in a backpack and does not arouse TSA scrutiny as a large board would. When on the plane, cable tie the sections together – walla, a head rest that allows you to sleep!!!!! Don’t forget a supply of cable ties and a fingernail clipper to disassemble headrest before landing.


HEADLINE: Emergency landing by Sydney bound 747 when a passenger caused the overhead bins to collapse while attempting to do pullups. Although there were no fatalities, three were treated for minor cuts and scrapes.

Promise, I will not make this happen :)