Fitness Game Show TODAY!!!!

FITNESS GAME SHOW TODAY!  Its going to be FUN and educational, please join me!  Humor is the best teacher and we are going to learn a LOT!  I have the questions ready and I am cracking myself up just thinking about it :)

I will give you a preview of some of the questions.  I know that some of you are very talented artists as well so I will be giving you a chance to showcase your work for me to display live during the broadcast.  To have your answers and art displayed, you need to create a disqus account so you can post to this page, please do that before the broadcast starts!

Here is a sample of a few of the questions so you can be thinking about your answers:

  1. How many natty lifters in this photo?
  2. If Scooby can do flat bench flys with 70 pound dumbbels with the elbows straight and locked, approximately how much can he lift if he bends the elbow 90 degrees.
  3. Draw/photoshop your favorite fitness personality doing skateboard squats!
  4.  Are negative calories real?
    1. How many negative calories in a Jeff Seid egg?
    2. How many negative calories in celery?
  5. etc …



fitness game show

skateboard squats