Senator Sues Exercise Band Company

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This is a perfect example of what is wrong with America, nobody is willing to take personal responsibility for their mistakes. Everyone is always looking for someone else to blame and sue. How embarrassing that Senator Harry Reid is taking this route as well!

There are a lot unsafe exercise products out there but resistance bands are not one of them. Here is what the New York Times says about the accident:

The band was mounted to “a sturdy object in the bathroom,” according to the suit, but it snapped while Mr. Reid pulled on it, causing him to spin around and strike his face on a cabinet at his new home in the Las Vegas area.

So basically,  the thing that the resistance band was tied to broke sending him flying. The resistance band didn’t break, the thing he tied it to did.  You gotta tie resistance bands to STRONG objects like a metal hand railing on a deck. I just looked in my bathroom and there is absolutely nothing secure enough in OUR bathroom to attach a band to. Anyone who attaches a resistance band to a faucets, drawer handles, towel bars, or anything else in the bathroom deserves a Darwin Award nomination.

Worse yet, Senator Harry Reid is trying to send the false message that these resistance bands are dangerous when nothing could be further from the truth.  Being stupid is dangerous, not resistance bands.  These resistance bands are invaluable in helping millions of people stay fit and improve their quality of their life.   Not everyone has time or money to go to a gym and these resistance bands are an awesome way to keep fit.

The one and only way I can see a resistance band maker liable for injury is if the band had a hidden defect which allowed the band to break. A resistance band that suddenly breaks can easily send someone hurling toward a dangerous fall. In his case though, he was doing an “arm-strengthening routine” – bicep curls? Its really hard for me to imagine how anyone with good balance could fall even if the resistance band snapped when working a muscle as small as the bicep.

If using a towel bar in a bathroom to anchor a resistance band is any indication of the average intelligence of our Senators, this country is in for REAL trouble.

By the way, this isnt the first time that Senator Harry Reid has been seriously injured exercising.  Just in January he had a horrible accident on an elliptical machine.




Here is the proper way to tie off resistance bands, notice that I have attached it to a very sturdy 4×4 holding up a patio cover!


Senator Harry Reid Sues Exercise Band Company Over His Injuries