$10 Cycling Jersey With Attitude

I just don’t understand cycling “fashion”.  Since when is it fashionable to wear ill-fitting, ugly shirts plastered with advertisements?  Seriously!  How important are those two pockets on the back of the jersey?  I for one have ditched cycling jerseys all together in favor of performance and style.  Most cycling jerseys are loose which means that they flap in the wind.  Flapping means lots of wind resistance, something that I personally would like to minimize on long rides.  I find form fitting shirts like the Under Armor long sleeve compression shirts to be perfect for sun protection and warmth.  If you want to style some attitude, then get some printed Under Armor shirts like these, they were $10 from aliexpress.

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$10 Cycling Jersey With Attitude

Or you can just use a stock Under Armor long sleeve shirt like this for cycling

(PRO TIP: For best sun protection pull the shirt down)

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