Scooby in Vienna 15. Juli 21:00 St. Stephan Dom

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I am very excited to be back in Australia! Just kidding, I find it very funny when Americans confuse Australia and Austria.  Last time I was in Vienna was in 1988 when I was studying German at the Goethe Institut in Priem am Chemsee. I have such fond memories – It is such an amazing city! Those living in Europe dont really appreciate this but to be able to see buildings built before 1700 gives you an amazing connection to the past. In America, “old” means before 1900. Actually, I live in an “old” house in California becuase it was built in 1949 – we consider that old. To have so many buildings in Vienna that are associated with so many important culture-changing people is mind-boggling for an American. Anyway, I am very excited to be coming back to Vienna to share it with my Husband.

We will meet in front of Dom St Stephan at 21:00 then find some kneipe to go and have a beer mineralwasser – just kidding, I will drink alcohol :)

15th of Juli Vienna, Austria 21:00 Domkirche St. Stephan