Beach ready in 48hrs for July 4th!

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Joke?  NO!  It is true that you cannot lose any measurable amount of fat in 48 hours BUT that does not mean you cant look a heck of a lot better with these few tips.  Depending on your weight and current sodium intake, this crash program will have you losing from 5 pounds to 15 pounds and make a noticeable difference in your vascularity and definition.  Again, you will NOT be losing 5-15 pounds of fat, you will be losing 5-15 pounds of WATER.  No diuretics, no supplements, just good old fashioned nutrition

1) No carbs.  The only carbs you get in this 48 hours are those found in vegetables like cauliflower, spinach, and broccoli – none other.  When you go to low carb, you naturally drop water weight and increase definition.  Use my keto meal planner with the goal set to a 20% caloric reduction and only eat what the meal planner specifies for the next 48 hours

2) No sodium.  You will not be using a salt shaker.  You will not be using ketchup, mustard, seasoning salts, or anything at all that has more than 1 ingredient.  All prepared foods have salt in them and you cant have ANY, zero.  Please see how to increase your vascularity for more information on going low sodium.  If you eat exactly what the keto meal planner says, you wont have to worry because there is no sodium.

Look good on the beach by July 4th!

beach ready by july 4th


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