Visit Scooby at San Jose FitExpo and get $10 Discount!

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Scooby San Jose Fit Expo – June 13,14!

Hey, if you live near San Jose please consider coming to the San Jose convention center on Saturday June 13th or Sunday June 14th for the FitExpo! Hans and I have a booth there and I would love to see you so please stop by and say “Hi”.

I will be giving away these cool FREE scoobysworkshop t-shirts to people who haved signed up for a free Sweat4health membership.  Free and Free!  Please, sign up for your free sweat4health membership *before* coming to the FitExpo because the cell towers get overloaded and you will not be able to do it there.    Not only that but by signing up before the FitExpo, you can attend the FitExpo private hanger party.  At the bottom of this page, there is a discount coupon- make sure to print it before coming to FitExpo!


Want to be on YouTube?

I am going to make a series of YouTube videos using all the clips I film there in the booth!  You can just say “Hi”,  you can give your best flexing pose, or tell me all about how you love doing skateboard squats :)  Seriously though, there is a reason for everything I do.  Over the years, I have helped a lot of people get into fitness, and what I am really hoping is that some of these people will stop by and let me interview them on camera with their stories.  Its all about motivating others and nothing is more motivating to hear a story of someone just like you who has accomplished what you hope to.  Its why I do the success stories contest every year, because so many are people are inspired by these real success stories. So please, if this is you and you have a story to share please stop on by!  Be thinking, what advice would you give to yourself back then?  What advice would you give to your best friend? …  if they would listen to you that is :)

What goes on at the FitExpo San Jose?

The FitExpo is a great weekend of lectures, classes, and competitions in martial arts, health and nutrition, powerlifting and wrestling. There is a whole area dedicated to healthy living. The headliners are Jay Cutler and Phil Heath as well as lectures on martial arts and healthy living.




Visit Scooby at San Jose FitExpo and get $10 Discount!

You can get into the FitExpo for $15 instead of the normal $25 entrance price with this $10 off coupon, just make sure to PRINT IT and bring it with you.  They will NOT accept images of it on your smart phone – print, print, print!  By they way, I don’t get any kickback from these coupons, its just a way for you to save money on getting in.


So anyway, if you are anywhere near San Jose convention center this weekend, please consider dropping by to say “Hi”! My booth is right when you walk in so you shouldnt have any trouble finding me but if you do, check out the interactive map. Hope to see you!

Where To Find Scooby at San Jose FitExpo

What if I dont live near San Jose?

Sorry, I cannot mail shirts.  This offer of free t-shirts signed my me is only for people who show up in person at FitExpo San Jose and are Sweat4health members – either new members who have just signed up for a free membership or current paying members.  Remember, that cell towers are swamped during the FitExpo and its very unlikely you will be able to sign up while there using your smart phone, so please, sign up beforehand!  At some point, I may make these available for people to buy online but it will be thru a third party clothing company.