Scooby’s kids!

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One commonly asked question is if we have kids or not, the answer is a definite “YES”, we DO have kids and they are VERY important to me and I am VERY proud of them!!  Go to time=7:12 in the below video to find out more about my family!    They’re gonna make it!

Table of contents for fitness video podcast:

  • 1:25 Bike across Burma
  • 2:20 My contest schedule
  • 3:20 Form follows function
  • 5:20 Angry Christmas drivers
  • 7:12 DOES SCOOBY HAVE KIDS (6 minutes)
  • 13:06 Fatherly advice videos
  • 14:15 Sweat4health feature upgrades
  • 14:30 Adopt dogs, dont buy puppies!
  • 15:30 Scooby’s tech prediction – 4k everywhere by next xmas
  • 19:00 “I deserve it” and dieting
  • 25:24 Doing cardio with leg DOMS?
  • 28:30 High speed downhill in beautiful 4k video

Let  me know what you think of this fitness video podcast idea!  TLDR?  Stick to my workout videos?