Doritos Loaded Encapsulates Everything Wrong In America

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This flyer that I picked up at my local 7-11 store announced with the fanfare of a rock concert or a summer blockbuster movie that “Doritos Loaded” would be available on the 2nd of July! Wooo-Hoooo! Just in time to bulk up for the beach on the fourth of July holiday!

This “snack” encapsulates all that is wrong in America. We wring our hands about the declining health of our population and the skyrocketing obesity related diseases… then we cancel after school sports programs and insist on driving our kids to school every day. We drive our cars everywhere and wait 10 minutes to get that parking spot nearest to the front entrance of the Walmart to avoid that long, arduous walk across the parking lot then we lament the fact that we have the dreaded obesity disease and we shouldnt bother exercising because long term weight loss is impossible.

“Doritos Loaded”, my good sources have informed me, are fried cheese food coated in Doritos crumbs. This little “snack” has 360 calories and 1100mg of sodium! What a great snack! Why bother with an apple or a bag of carrot sticks when you can have this tasty confection? They certainly named the product right, “Doritos Loaded”, its loaded with:

  • calories
  • sodium
  • fat
  • artificial flavors
  • preservatives

Its complete missing:

  • protein
  • fiber
  • vitimans
  • anti-oxidants
  • omega-III fatty acids
  • anything else healthy you can think of

The last thing we need is a product engineered by food scientists to be completely irresistible, addictive, and so bad for us.

Be a rebel, say NO to Doritos Loaded and say YES to vegetables!