CB-1 Weight Gainer, a semi-legitimate product

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If all you care about is getting big and fat and you just cant shovel enough food into your mouth to do it, then CB-1 is the product for you!   One thumbs up on CB-1 for honestly.   This pill is an appetite enhancer so if you cant eat enough to get fat, this pill can help.

Since obesity is at epidemic proportions they are probably looking at a very small market niche – skinny healthy people who want to join their obese, diabetic, and heart diseased fellow Americans.  Skinny people doing SS, if you cant eat Mark Rippetoe’s recommended 6000 calories per day, consider CB-1.

A friend sent me this link to CB-1 to include in my Hall of Shame, but the thing is, they are relatively honest and up front in their advertising and I applaud them for that.  Their claim of “Average weight gain of 9.4 lbs in only 4 weeks ” is very reasonable for an appetite enhancer. The part where they get their foot into my Fitness Hall of shame is in the following paragraph:

Muscle & Size For Men
Men who take CB-1® report bigger arms, shoulders, and legs. CB-1® combined with proper diet and exercise produces an increase in muscle mass.

A naive person might read that and take away that CB-1 gives them bigger muscles but its clear that they are not promising that.  The “reported” bigger arms, shoulders, and legs are due to the fat gained, not muscle gained.  Its also clear that if muscle is to be added, its not the pills but the “combined with proper diet and exercise” part that will be the cause of any muscle gain, not the pills.

I may not like CB-1 but at least they are honest about what it can do for people.