Gain muscle the slow, hard, proven way – Guaranteed! $97

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gain muscle slow hard proven way

OK, you can tell I don’t have a degree in marketing because I’m never going to get rich with a realistic, honest sales pitch like that! There are literally thousands of products out there that promise you the fast, easy shortcut to either big muscles or ripped abs – those people are the ones who become millionaires. Trouble is, they are scams. There ARE no shortcuts that are both legal and healthy and these scams end up in my Fitness Hall of Shame where they belong.

The truth is that anyone can get ripped washboard abs. The truth is that all men, regardless of age, can gain muscle and get stronger. The truth is that 99% of men have the genetics to look like a Men’s Fitness cover model. BUT, it takes hard work, determination, proper motivation, and time, lots of time. If you are impatient, you will fall for one of the scams you will end up back here with a thinner wallet and no better physique so please start here and save your wallet.

This weeks leg workout video finally completed my goal of making my intermediate home workout a complete package. I now have two complete home workouts, my beginning workout and my intermediate workout. These workout plans are complete, text describing them and videos for every day of the workout plan. Let me start my sales pitch for these programs over again …

Gain muscle the slow, hard, proven way – Guaranteed! $97

What if I guaranteed you that you could have the body of your dreams for just $97 with the best guarantee in the industry? Most people pay personal trainers thousands of dollars a year for workout plans, but I can save you money! Most DVD programs cost $299 and only have a worthless 30 day guarantee. These DVD programs are great for beginners but people quickly out grow them.

My program covers the entire range from beginner to advanced, you never outgrow it because I teach you how to adapt it. My program is guaranteed to work because it uses the proven method of hard work, nutrition, sweat to build you the healthy, amazing physique of your dreams – slowly. If you are just getting started, my beginner program is where you start. If you have a bit of experience then my intermediate program is for you. For every day’s workout, there is a complete video showing you exactly what to do and a text description as well. BUT WAIT, there’s more! As a bonus to my loyal followers, you get detailed 5 minute videos on how to perform every single exercise included in these programs! AN INCREDIBLE VALUE, a complete workout program with guaranteed results!

Now for the incredible part, the amazing guarantee.  No one else offers a guarantee like this.  I am so confident that these programs will work for you that you don’t have to pay a penny until after you get results! Thats right, not a single penny till you have achieved the healthy, physique of your dreams. Years from now when you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say “Dang, I look good!”, please come back here and consider donating.