“I snapped my sh*t up deadlifting”

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“Snap your sh*t up”? Help me out here, what does this mean? I couldnt even find it in the urban dictionary. I hear this a lot these days and I cant figure out what people mean when they use this phase. Typical usage I have heard –

” I snapped my sh*t up doing deadlifts, what do?”

When people use this phrase, the tone usually seems to be very proud which makes zero sense to me. If I got injured doing deadlifts (or any other exercise for that matter) I would be sad, angry, and depressed but certainly not proud and happy. Getting injured means you did something STUPID! Getting injured means you have just set back your strength training and bodybuilding progress by months or years. Why on earth would one be proud of that? Help me out here, what does this mean? Why do people seem to be proud of getting injured?? In my view 99.9999% of accidents are preventable. You get injured lifting weights because:

  • you used too much weight
  • you were not focused and got distracted
  • you were lifting without proper equipment
  • you were lacking in safety gear (spotter, squat rack etc)
  • you do not understand how to properly do the exercise
  • you know proper form but were not using it
  • the exercise is not appropriate for you
  • you did not adequately prepare for the lift (warming up, etc)

If your injury “just happened” for no reason at all and you KNOW that you didnt make any of above mistakes then you are a fool and should stop lifting before you hurt yourself seriously.  Smart people learn from their mistakes and never repeat them, really smart people learn from the mistakes of others, and stupid people blame the accidents on everything except themselves and never learn a thing.

What am I missing?  Does “snap my sh*t up” mean “I got injured” in this context?  Why on earth are people proud of this?  Educate this poor old man!

Would this term also apply to crashing your car?  “I snapped my sh*t up on the drive home”

snapped my shit up