Whats the funniest gym attire you have seen?

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Gym attire that makes you laugh or shake your head in amazement or disgust?  Mirrored or dark sunglasses while working out?  Shorts that are just too short?  Caked on makeup?  Colors that hurt your eyes?  Sweat suits?  Fashions that should have stayed in the closet?

funny gym attire

Today I found the above attire at the gym.  Ya know that I like training shirtless (and shoeless) more than most people but I do it at home, not at the gym.  If you look carefully you can see the strings from this “string tank top”.  Its been heavily modified though being completely  bare on the back and in the front, the material only comes up to the top of the belly button.  Its like a 3″ hoop of fabric held at belt level by two string suspenders.   As you can tell from the picture he is older, maybe late 40’s, bald head,  beer belly, but he is pretty strong for someone in midlife.   Not that its OK for hot young models of either gender to dress like this at a gym either but I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see this.  I’ll say this, he certainly doesn’t suffer from low self-esteem.   I have to wonder what goes thru his mind when he puts this “shirt” on.

Whats the funniest gym attire you have seen?

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