The world is my gym!

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Free gym membership!!

Thats right, completely free with no contracts or obligations.

The world is my gym and I am willing to share it with you. Here you see my cardio machine (a bicycle), my ab workout station, my chest machine (the ground), and my back machine (pullup bars of various heights)! Even if you have a gym membership, give these free air workouts a try as they are truly liberating. Not only that but they force you into a totally different workout mode which gives your muscles that shock they need. Too easy? Try clapping pullups and clapping pushups then top it off with windshield wipers. You can make this “gym” as advanced and difficult as you want! If your skin green from being in that flourescent lit gym all the time? A little bit of outdoor workouts might be just what your vitamin D levels need!

Not only that, this gym is completely FREE!