Bodybuilders Must Be Prepared, not just Boy Scouts!

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The Boys Scout’s motto is to be prepared. Bodybuilders need to be prepared too as you never know when something is going to throw a monkey wrench into your workout and nutrition plans. Today is a perfect example, I am somewhat unexpectedly here at the hospital for at least 6hours as our good friend and 95 year old neighbor Helen has a minor surgical procedule. If I wasmt prepared it would have meant a lost workout day and a day of greasy cafeteria nutrition, but I WAS prepared! In my trunk not only do I have a few days supply of healthy non- perishable food but I also have workout equipment. After getting to the hospital and getting her checked in, I was not happy at all about spending all day in a hospital waiting room, then it hit me – I could workout! I went back to the car and had a healthy meal. I then changed into workout shorts, put on my running shoes and running hat, grabbed my lifting straps, and went dor a run! I ran to a park where I suspected I could find a place to do pullups, bingo! I did an hour of pullups, then another hour of running to a healthy burrito place, then a 30 minute walk back to the hospital. What would have been a lost fitness day turned into an awesome workout in a park and left me refreshed and ready to head back to the horrible hospital waiting room.

Be Prepared!

Put a full set of workout clothes in your car along with anything you need to do your bodyweight workout routine like my Travel Workout. Make sure you have 3-4 2liter bottles of water. Most important, lots of non-perishable food. Like what? Canned beans are great for complex carbs, protein and fiber. Wander the canned food section of your supermarket and find healthy options that appeal to you. Cereal is a great choice too, choose something healthy like shredded wheat and the get canned milk, I prefer nonfat milk. Dont forget a can opener either! Protein bars and meal repalcement bars are a resonable choice too for your trunk!

Pack your car trunk tonight!