Please help catch video and image thiefs

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All my images and videos are copyright protected, it is illegal for anyone to use them. Why? My whole philosophy is that you dont need to spend any money at all to be healthy and build an amazing physique. I always tell people the only thing they need to buy is a used set of weights from craigslist, nothing more. I am very old school, sweat and good nutrition have always been the best way. When people steal my images and use them to promote and sell products, it goes against everything I stand for! I dont want people buying their expensive, ridiculous product! They are damaging my non-commercial reputation by making it look like I endorse their product. If I wanted to support some product then I would get a sponsor!

I dont have the time to track these hundreds of skumbags down nor do I have any money to hire lawyers to do it for me, thats why I need your help! Here’s what you can do:
  1. Contact them directly and let them know how slimy you think they are, email them or call their headquarters and ask them to remove the image at once. Make sure to send them a link to my copyright page so they can see for themselves that the image they have stolen is copyright protected.
  2. Please reply to this post with the URL of the advertisement or a description of where it is. If you can, take a screenshot of the ad and upload it to flickr or elsewhere and then post the link here so we can all see it. The screenshots will help if I ever decide I need to legally pursue these skumbags.

The same goes for videos. I have never given anyone permission to re-upload any part of any of my videos. I want all my videos in one place ( If you see someone who has re-uploaded a video of mine, please post a comment on the video asking them nicely to remove it and also reply to this post with the URL to their offending video.

Thanks for your help!!
Scooby Werkstatt