Afterburner effect to melt fat away fast!

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The Afterburner Effect!

A weight loss miracle!! How much does it cost and where can I buy it? How hard is it to activate your afterburner-within?

Yikes! The “Afterburner Effect” is just marketing!!! Its always been around and its no secret.
Ever wonder why I emphasize time and time again that you need to do cardio every day??? Its because when you do cardio, not only do you burn off calories for the 20-60 min you are exercising but the exercise raises your metabolic rate for the next 24 hours. What this means is the main fat burning benefit from doing cardio does NOT come from the short few minutes you are exercising but for the 23 hours following the exercise because your metabolic rate has been raised and you burn off more calories. This is what marketing people have dubbed the “afterburner effect”. There is nothing at all new or special about it nor is it difficult to “activate”.
How do you turn on your fat afterburner and raise your metabolic rate to melt away fat? Do cardio everyday! What type of cardio does not matter! Just do something ability appropriate. If you are just starting out or are very overweight, just walk 20 minutes a day. If you are an intermediate bodybuilder, go for a 30 minute run. If you are an advanced athlete use HIIT or Tabata intervals.
Lets look at an example. Lets say your TDEE is 2500 calories now while you are sedentary. You start jogging for 3 hours a week. Each jogging session burns about 700 calories or 2100 calories for the week – thats a pittance. 2100 calories is just one pig-out meal at a fast food restarant. Lets look at the afterburner effect though!

By doing 3 hours of cardio a week, your TDEE now gets multiplied by 1.55 – the afterburner effect. So now rather than your TDEE being 2500 calories per day, its now 3875 calories! With your 3 jogs a week plan, your body now needs 1375 more calories per day. See why those “calories burned” meters are so needlessly demotivating??? With just those three weekly jogs, you are burning 9625 more calories per week!

How old is the “afterburner effect”? Well Harris-Benedict did a research paper on it back in the early 1900s and we still use their formulas!

Hours per week cardio         Afterburner Effect TDEE Multiplier
1-3 hours 1.375
3-5 hours 1.55
5-6 hours 1.725
7-21 hours 1.9

Daily cardio is important, do it to activate your fat-afterburner within! No need to buy anything!!!