Random Urban HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workout

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This is a form of interval training which will forever change the way you view stop signs and stop lights. For most people, they are obstacles and objects of frustration but they will soon become your only friend!

Most types of cardio are periodic, especially HIIT programs like Tabata. This adds a twist to HIIT to make it more exciting and challenging – random HIIT.
First, this Random Urban HIIT is for advanced athletes in tip-top shape only – this is not for beginners, nor is it a way to lose fat. This is for performance.
Here is what you need:
  1. you need a city with lots of stop signs and stop lights – most of us have these in abundance.
  2. A bike, mountain or road bike but it needs lots of gears. It has to be very challenging to pedal in the highest gear.
  3. A pre-chosen route that takes you thru lots of lights and stop signs, you gotta stick to this route. The route should be between 15 min long and 45 min long.
Ready for the Random Urban HIIT workout? Because you know the importance of hydration in sports performance you will of course be fully hydrated before you start. Here are the simple rules of this workout:
  1. You always bike as FAST as you possibly can.
  2. At stop signs, you can rest for 45 seconds but no coasting to the sign. Bike fast, brake hard, then you can rest 45s.
  3. At red lights, you can rest while the light is red. Again, no coasting to the light – bike fast, brake hard, then you can rest during the red light.
  4. You have to stick to the pre-determined route, you change course to catch another red light or stop sign.
Thats it! Its grueling! You will find yourself PRAYING for red lights. As I said, this will forever change how you look at red lights and stop signs – they can be your friends! Now, depending on the distance between stop signs and stop lights, you may have to adjust the 45s I suggest at the stop signs. If they are close together, you might lower it to 5 seconds. If they are really far apart you might need to extend it to 90s.
Please before you do this, check out my post on bicycle commuting safety.
Have fun!