Bikes are transportation too!

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Today I was presented with the dilema that hundreds of thousands of people face every day. The car needs service and I had to figure out how to get back to home or work after dropping off the car. I could call in a favor with a friend to come pick me up at the car dealer but that often results in drama and its a big favor to ask. I could have used the car dealers courtesy van but those often take forever. I could have rented a car or get a loaner, but again, its a hassle.

What about this option which is exactly what I did today when I took my car in – throw your bike in the trunk and bike back!!! Talk about a great use of time, not only do you get back just as fast as the other options but you get your CARDIO workout in as well!!!

The first reaction of most people will be:

“I’d love to do that but the route is not safe to bike.”

Thats because they are only thinking in terms of the way they DROVE there. Put your house and the car dealer on and take a look. 99% chance you will see some great side roads thru residential neighborhoods that you can use. No, its not as direct or fast as taking the highway that you drove on to get there, but so what. Think of it this way – the longer route gives you MORE exercise! :) My car dealer is 12 miles away, that wasnt quite long enough for my cardio so I actually extended it to 20 miles by going all the way across town and back! More miles and more scenic!

So, next time you are trying to think of who to call to take you to the car dealer – think about BIKING!!!!!