How scoobysworkshop got named

I am passionate about fitness and bodybuilding but its not my entire life. I have other passions in life as well, its one of the reasons I am busy 24/7 – I just don’t have enough time for all the cool things I love doing. One of my other passions is building things, its the engineer in me. I love building cherry shaker-inspired furniture in my workshop and back in the late 90’s wanted a website to showcase those pieces. I also was building an airplane in the shop and wanted a website to keep people up to date on my progress. The name that seemed to make the most sense was ScoobysWorkshop – “Scooby“, my name and “Workshop” for the place where all of this construction happens. For a number of years, way back when, I posted my furniture and plane building progress there and even had a shop-cam (this was when they were a novelty) so people could watch my progress.

About then, I got really pissed off about the lack of good information on fitness on the web, it was all just thinly veiled sales-pitches for useless or dangerous products. I decided that I could do better, I could show people how to get in great shape at home the old fashioned way with just simple home workouts – without buying anything. I didn’t really expect anything to come of it, I was just pissed at how the public was being brainwashed into thinking that to get fit and healthy required them to buy expensive stuff. Had I any idea of what would become, I would have named it but I didnt want to pay for another domain or another hosting service. Anyway, at first I illustrated the exercises with just still photos but I realized that really didn’t help people learn how to perform the exercises propoerly so I hosted my own videos (this was pre-youtube). The video bandwidth charges were costing me an arm and a leg so when YouTube came along I jumped for joy because it saved me lots of money in hosting costs!

Anyway, that’s how got started and that’s the origin of the rather odd name of my fitness website. Here are a few of the projects that have come out of Scooby’s Workshop:

What about the name “Scooby” and the username “Scooby1961”, where did they come from? Well, all my friends call me Scooby – only family calls me by my given name. I got the name “Scooby” for several reasons:

  • Because of my eating habits. As a good bodybuilder eating small, well balanced meals every 2 hours people started calling these meals “Scooby Snacks” and thus, I became Scooby.
  • Because I hate scary things just like Scooby. If I’m forced to watch a scary movie, which is pretty rare, I will watch them with my eyes clinched shut most of the time and my hands firmly over my eyes.
  • Because like Scooby, I have a long torso and short legs
  • Because like Scooby, I’m a bit clumsy and I talk funny :)

So what about “Scooby1961”? I was born in 1961 :)