How to achieve goals you think are impossible

No question, I woukd have quit at mile 70 had I not told the world I was doing 120 miles today! My knees were in excruciating pain from the road bike with clipless pedals that I hadnt been on for 9 months. I was wounded from the minivan cutting me off. I was cold. I was filthy from changing my tire on the muddy shoulder. I didnt want to climb the 2850′ mountain between me and home. As I touched on in my motivation video, stating your goals publically can be a powerful motivator – worked for me. I was not willing to admit defeat. The last 10 miles up the peak took two complete hours. I had to alternate a few minutes of cycling with a few minutes of limping. The pain seemed better than the shame of quitting.

It took me 10 hrs to do 110 mikes, mainky because of my knee. Next time I will do much better. I better if I am to complete 200 miles in 17.5hrs!!!

By the way, ya gotta use good judgement and not push for goals so unreasonable that you injure yourself!!!

Now soaking the knees, aaaah