New Years Fitness Resolution

bodybuilder custom workout plan

What’s your 2011 new years fitness resolution? Are you confused about how to achieve your fitness goals or unsure if they are realistic? Most people fail at their new years fitness resolutions but not because they are lazy or have no willpower, its the opposite. Most people fail because they are impatient for results and work at it TOO hard! They have unrealistic expectations which just sets them up for failure. They start a starvation diet instead of sensible nutrition which soon leads to binging and failure. They are too aggressive with their weight workout program and end up injured or over trained. This interactive tool will provide you with a realistic fitness plan to achieve your new years fitness resolution based on your individual needs! Want to get those rippling 6-pack abs you have always wanted? This software shows you how!
Want to gain lots of muscle and become a bodybuilder, this software give you a plan! Or perhaps you dont have much time to devote to fitness but want to get fit and trim in 2011, this software shows you a way too!
With the personalized workout planner you can achieve success in 2010 like all these scoobysworkshop success stories from last year! You can lose fat, you can gain muscle, and get in the best shape of your life in 2011! Just answer 5 questions and this software will design a complete workout plan for you that fits your needs! These are workouts you can do at home with very simple and inexpensive equipment. Each workout is complete and has videos of each and every exercise to show you how to do them properly. It guides you with nutrition as well and designs a perfect, healthy meal to meet your nutritional needs based on your individual metabolic rate. Give it a try! As with everything on, this tool is totally free! If you have suggestions for improving this software, please post them as comments here!
Happy 2011!