Why I do shirtless videos

I get this question all the time. I’m not showing off, in fact, I’m kinda embarrassed about it because there are about 10,000 bodybuilders with better physiques on YouTube. So why? To show I practice what I preach! Would you trust my advice as much if I didn’t keep myself in top shape all year long? If I were fat would you listen to my advice on nutrition and cardio? If I wasn’t muscular and strong, would you listen to my workout advice? If I was fat 51 weeks a year and just got lean for one week for some show, would you listen to me?

The fact that I have a pretty good body for a natural 50 year old isn’t *proof* that I know what I’m talking about but its a good indication. The fact that I have had a good physique every week in the last 30 years isn’t *proof* that I have my act together, but its a good indication.

The next time you see a personal trainer on YouTube who is covered in baggy workout attire, ask yourself why. Did they just get into good shape once 10 years ago and then let their body go to pot? Everybody wants to be healthy and look their best, if they cant do it themselves then how can they possibly teach you how to do it?

Scooby bodybuilder