P90X Extreme Home Fitness DVD Review

In this video I review the very popular P90X fitness program and then give you a free alternative thats even better. I get asked so often what I think of the P90X program that I thought it important to do a video on the subject.

Here is what I say about P90X:

“Anything that gets people excited about working out regularly is a very good thing and people get very, very excited about P90X.”

Good points first: P90X is simple, you just look at your calendar and see which DVD to pop in. P90X has brought fitness into the lives of countless people who would otherwise be couch potatoes, they have made fitness popular and I applaud them for that.

Now the bad points: The biggest problem in my opininon is that the program is used to push their expensive supplements and other products, this is really slimy in my opinon. The other problem is that the program is very limited, it doesnt grow with you as your ability grows. Another thing I worry about is that the “90 day” program encourages dangerous short term thinking. To me fitness and true health is a lifestyle, not a 90 day project. Minor complaints are that people find the program boring toward the end and get tired of hearing the same jokes time and time again – minor.

People get good results from P90X but people get GREAT results from using my free website and videos and I dont recommend you buy *anything*!. Do this, check the success stories on the P90X website and then check out the success stories on my website and you will see what I mean – you be the judge.

My philosophy is that you dont need to buy anything to build a great physique. You can do it at home without supplements, books, DVDs or fancy machines. Building a great physique is within everyones reach regardless of financial means. My free website and free videos show you how to gain muscle and lose fat at home just like the P90X program.

For the intermediate advanced bodybuilder I have my free S61XL [URL www.S61XL.com] program which consists of 5 free dvds, one for each bodypart, just push play and follow along. Please dont expect Hollywood production quality like in P90X because they spent millions and I had to do all the work myself after work and on weekends. If you want hollywood, buy the P90X program.

On my free website, I have workout plans for all other experience levels too – teens, beginners, intermediates, and advanced bodybuilders and all these workouts can be done at home with just a cheap set of used dumbbells and a pullup bar.

I also show you how to lose fat and get six pack abs thru common sense nutrition and exercise. I also tell you all you need to know about good nutrition and I even have tools that will plan a perfect, healthy meal for you based on your own metabolic rate.

I don’t like seeing people wasting money but having said that, people get really excited about the P90X program and anything that gets people excited enough to workout regularly is a great in my opinion. Having said that, I would much rather see you use my free website and videos. Not only will you save money but the results can be much better because my program is much more flexible and it it grows as your fitness level increases. Remember, the most important thing is that you work out regularly, not what workout plan you use!

P90X programs and their scoobyswork.shop free equivalents
Cost P90X Program Name Description My Free Equivalent
$140 P90X Extreme Home Fitness Basic beginner strength and fat loss program. beginner plan or my intermediate plan
$73 Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp Less strenuous version of the “Extreme Home Fitness” program, more like an aerobics class. walking, jogging, swimming or biking
$330 P90X Peak Results Package The “Extreme Home Fitness” program above plus supplements and some workout equipment. beginner plan or my intermediate plan
$70 P90X Plus – Workout DVD This is their advanced program. S61XL or my advanced plan

So, here’s what I would say. If you are the type who has no time or patience for designing your own fitness program and you just want quick results then you are better off buying the P90X program where you just pop in the DVD and follow along. On the other hand, if you are highly motivated and the type who enjoys learning and doing research to come up with an optimal training program to let you reach your goals, then use my free website.

If you do buy P90X, then please buy with the above links for 3 reasons:

    1. Its the same price as buying directly from the manufacturer after you pay their $20 shipping charge (amazon has free shipping).
    2. Amazon has the worlds best customer service and easiest to use return policy.
    3. By buying with the above links you help support my website, I get a small percentage of each sale. My website and videos are completely free so all people, no matter how poor, have the ability to build a healthy body and a great physique. Your support helps me continue my work.

If you do buy P90X, get the “Extreme Home Fitness” version rather than the “Boot Camp” or “Peak Results Package”. Book camp appears to be too lightweight and in the peak results package you are paying another $200 bucks for $40 worth of stuff you could pick up at Walmart.