Take fitness goals one day at a time

Fitness is all about taking it one day at a time. If you try to bite off more than that it can be overwelming and lead to hoplessness. Just focus on the here and now, dont worry about tomorrow but exercise and eat healthy today.

Why this blog topic, because its appropriate – as I write this entry I am elevating my foot( see photo), my leg is almost vertical. Not sure what I did but I sure injured my ankle early in the day, at first I thought nothing of it but the pain kept getting worse and worse. I could barely put any pressure on it at all, the uphill parts were excruciating. Then depressing thoughts started kicking in. There is no way I could do the next 70 miles of which 30 were uphill. There was no was I could ride at all tomorrow at the rate the pain was increasing. Then I took control of the little voice in my head and yelled STOP! Just one step at a time, although my ankle really hurt I knew I could make one more mile -ok, thats the goal. Ok, the last mile didnt kill me, lets try one more. I didnt let myself look how many miles remained – no point in demoralizing myself. Going at a snails pace, I finally made it to the top! For the first time in 5hrs I started to think that I might just make it and its because I just took it one mile at a time. So an hour downhill put me in a flat valley with 20miles to go. If I made it up that hill, I could certainly handle the flats! 12 painful hours later I arrived at my destination and took the most wonderful shower of the trip.

So here I sit with leg elevated and 600mg ibuoprofin writing this blog entry. I refuse to worry about tomorrow, I will do the best I can just like I did today. Im in one of the most beautiful cities tonight and I really want to go for a little walk – or more appropriately a little shuffle around town. Havent tried to put weight on it since I crawled up the steps to my room.

So remember, take your fitness goals one day at a time. Losing 60lbs sounds daunting but eating healthy and exercising for just one day isnt that hard.

One day at a time, one workout at a time, one meal at a time!!!