Very few people are naturally ripped!

Very few people over the age of 21 can eat whatever they want and still have 6-pack abs – maybe 1%. This important because many people have a fatalistic view and maje excuses, they say:

“I have a slow metabolism, I cant get lean”

Poppycock! Thats just an excuse! The photo here shows how much sugar and cream I had with my 5 cups of coffee this morning- they were completely full when I started! If I did that every day I would become clinically obese in short order. I have the most incredible sweeth tooth, people who dont know me well just cant comphrehend the magnitude of it. I could easily polish off a pound of fudge or two dozen donuts and still want more. Its only thru strict dicipline that I can stay lean. People sometimes wonder why I am such a nutritional Nazi, its because I HAVE to be in order to stay lean. The reason I teach such strict nutrition is that I think a lot of people are like me. They might not have a sweet toith but they have some equivelent vice that needs to be held in check to stay lean.

Best advice for people like me, dont allow your vice-food into your house. If you dont buy it at the store, its easier to avoid it!!