You Are A Fitness Ambassador

You Are A Fitness Ambassador

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Scooby, I love your website. The pictures I have attached aren’t for the competition this year, but the last year and a half. I just wanted to show you how much I know your website has changed my outlook, and education on working out and being more healthy.

Sam, 27, Tampa, Florida, USA. First picture was taken in October 2010, and after is July 2012. My before weight was 210, after weight 185. I got down to 175, but I gained more muscle since then.

Using your calculator I realized that losing weight is really really simple. Just have to follow calorie intake compared to what you burn.

I have been working out all my life. I ran cross country and track in high school, and started lifting weights my senior year of high school.. I have lifted on and off since college, but since I have moved to Tampa, Florida 1.5 years ago I have been consistent since ive seen your videos which are great. I actually share your site with everyone I know that wants to get started in losing weight and working out.

I go to the gym everyday usually around 6-6:30am to workout before work. I love going early because it just gets the day started off on the right foot. I try to run during my lunch break or after work. I always have energy throughout the day and my mood has just increased to be more confident with myself. The only obstacle I really had to overcome was just the small increments in strength that come over the long period of time. But after reading your site, I learned that normal people gain about a pound or pound in a half a month of muscle. My roommate and I were the ones that motivated each other when we moved down here. He was actually 285 pounds (now he is 200). He lost all of his weight from following your nutrition plan and doing a little jogging and running when he could. So having a partner in crime when it comes to working out is a HUGE benefit while trying to meet your goals.

I guess I am emailing you because I just wanted to show you like everyone else that since finding your site I have changed physically and mentally A LOT. Just wanted to thank you for what you do, and hope you keep it up.

Thanks Again for your hard work and all the information you put on your site.



This is a great example of how influential all of you are!  Just as you were inspired by your roommate, YOU will inspire countless others!  People notice your transformation and it gets them thinking.  You may not even realize it but your success will help countless others in the circle of your acquaintances.  Thanks for being a fitness ambassador!