Yeager’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey

weight loss & muscle gain succes


Hi my name is Yeager.

I’m 18 years old.

I live in Dallas TX, USA

The before and after pictures I’m submitting were taking three years apart (hope thats okay).

My weight varied quite a bit in those three years. I started at 250lbs and then lost 100lbs and was VERY skinny; not at all what I wanted. It then took me a year to gain 20lbs of muscle.

Early in life I struggled with weight. I actually moved to this country from South Africa, my Mom being an american citizen. When I arrived here at the age of 8, I began to gain weight. By 15, nearly 16, I was 250 pounds and as unhealthy as it gets!
I decided that I didn’t want that lifestyle anymore. I went to visit South Africa for the first time in almost 7 years. The original plan was that I stay for 5 weeks… I ended up staying for a year. In that year I lost an incredible amount of weight. 100 pounds. At my lowest I was 150 pounds.
I had a lot of “false data” on the subject of fitness. I thought that dieting meant that you had to starve yourself (which I did). I lost all that weight and then I realized that this was not my goal.

So I spent the next year trying to put weight back on. THAT was much harder than losing it. I didn’t have ready access to the gym. All I had was my body weight and some dumbbells. I tried many programs. For the first three months, I struggled. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.
All the so called “experts” said to do this and that but It wasn’t working for me. Then, I stumbled upon your videos on youtube. After watching some of your workout videos and using what you laid out, I began to see results. This was very exciting!

So I used everything that you offered. I worked out A LOT and I ate A LOT. In that year I completely transformed my body. I no longer have ANY desire to eat poorly or be lazy. I love working out. I re-met the love of my life while in Cape Town South Africa. She was an old friend that I had known from many
years before. We got married in January of this year and live in Dallas together. Karah is now going to the gym with me on a regular basis. She is doing well and you may soon see her application as a success story.

I continue to use your recommendations and know how to further my gains. Thank you very much. Through your program I was able to revolutionize my body and my life. I’d like to win this contest because I feel that I’m a good example of someone who can go from completely overweight and depressed to fit and happy.
I’m now a contracted model with a fitness agency and run my own business as a web developer and marketing consultant. I would like others to have similar gains to my own. Let me be an inspiration to those who need it.

Best regards,


From 250 pounds and unhealthy to fit with 8-pack abs, you rock Yeager!