Wow, You Workout!

Wow, You Workout!

weight loss & muscle gain succes

First Name: Nicholas
Age: 19
City and Country: Singapore
Before picture taken: 27 February 2012
After picture taken: 25 April 2013
Before weight: 54.5kg
After weight: 58.5kg

Hi Scooby!!

Here is my story:

I came by Scooby through Youtube about 3 years ago when I was 16 years old.
Then last year, I decided to take part in success story and do the
workout he made for people like me, who want to gain muscle and lose
fat and look at me now… :D

It helped me in my sport which is cheerleading, through Scooby’s
workout plans, my strength, endurance level increased dramatically and
my body fat were reduced through nutrition advice by Scooby also.

My friends were commenting like: ‘Wow, you worked out!’ And I replied:
‘Go to !!’. Hahaha..

I want to take this chance to honor and thank Scooby for his great
work in contributing to the world of bodybuilding.


Hey Nicholas, congratulations!  I bet people who havent seen you in a few years are shocked, in a good way  – Yep, you workout :)  You are a great example of how bodybuilding techniques can help you in virtually every sport, even ones where you dont take your shirt off :)