This is Yoko from Tokyo Japan and what a success story. Yoko once again shows us that fitness isn’t just for teens and men :) Yoko lost 22 pounds of fat while getting stronger and getting in fantastic shape. She is an avid rock climber and amazing athlete. I have known Yoko from facebook and the AskScooby forum for a long time, she is one of the amazing people who helps people out by answering questions on the AskScooby forum and on my facebook fan page. Yoko, congratulations on your transformation and thanks for helping out the community by sharing your incredible knowledge!

“Hello Scooby,

I’d like to give you and everyone on askscoobyforum and facebook for having given me courages to continue your workouts and join in your contest.

I hope more girls will follow the line. Your workout works for anyone regardless of age, gender and nationality.

Please continue your fight and let me support you if there’s anything I can. And please consider to translate your site into Japanese.

I hope you will come to Japan some day and see how epidemic eating disorder is here. I think eating disorder is more malignant than obesity.

At least, obese people are sorry for themselves. But not eating disorder,they are proud of bony and unhealthy body!!!

I have been following your beginner’s workout plan since June 13th and been getting very visual results. I’m 45 years old and thoght too late for ripped body but I was completely wrong. Why couldn’t I see you twenty years ago then my life should have been a lot different!


Workout I’ve been doing;
Resolution: Lose Weight And Get In Shape!

6-pack Abs by July 4th!

On June 13th,
I was 61.6kg, bodyfat percentile 31%, actual bodyfat 19.1kg,
and muscle 39.9kg.

One month later, on July 18th,
I was 58.5kg, bodyfat percentile 28.4%, actual bodyfat 16.6kg,
and muscle 39.4kg.

You helped me lose 3kg of body fat in one month and I got much better
oblique and visible abs in just one month

6th month late, today, on December 1st,
I am 51.0kg, 17.0%, and actual bodyfat is 8.7kg muscle 39.8kg.
My abs are nicely 6 packed!!!

And I’ve been losing only and purely bodyfat!!!

And I’m very happy to wake up 4:00 o’clock in the morning before my alarm tells me it’s time for a morning walk!

Intense walking in early morning is so fun and addictive that I don’t even need an alarm!

I thought cardio was the most difficult but I was wrong. Cardio is the most fun part in your beginner’s plan!

Thank you so much or Arigatou in Japanese.”