This is Wilbert from Capitol Heights, Maryland and I had to twist his arm to get him to submit his success story because he wanted to wait till next year. His results after 9 months of hard work are amazing, he went from pear shape to V shape with 6-pack abs – way to go Wilbert!!! I’m willing to guess that next year we will see another entry from Wilbert and I bet it will be in the muscle gain success stories next year!

Wilbert writes:

“My weight loss journey began after I got back from my best friends wedding. I wanted to look my best, but did not have the motivation. I ran across one of Scooby’s videos while browsing youtube. He was doing seated bicep curls. I found his website and starting reading when I saw the words LOSE WEIGHT FOR FREE and was immediately hooked. I started with the beginning workout plan and managed to build up to the adv. intermediate plan. I lift 3 times a week as suggested and did cardio. I ate chicken breasts, salmon and egg whites and all kinds of vegetables and fruits. I followed the nutrition plan very strictly allowing no room for cheats. I used 100% whey flax seed and green tea all of which was suggested. Ate light 5 times a day while spreading out the protein. I researched more exercise workouts on several websites. I have so much confidence now. I always hated when people called me “big guy” and now they call me “slim.” I am a living witness of what following Scooby’s advice and “not cheating” will get you. I still have lower ab fat to work away and stretch marks, but I see those as battle scars against obesity which I am proud of. THANKS SO MUCH SCOOBY.”