This is Vince from San Pedro, CA (aka SlimVin on the AskScooby Forum) and he is a true inspiration! With solid nutrition and exercise, Vince lost 85 pounds! Losing bodyfat doesnt require buying anything, its not rocket science but it does take hard work and determination – Vince did it and you can too! The first phase of his transformation is complete and now he is working out hard with the weights to put on muscle. I had the pleasure of meeting Vince in person last week and I can tell you that since this ‘after’ photo was taken 6 months ago he has is noticably more muscular. Keep an eye on this man’s progress! I look forward to having Vince be the first person to be both on the weight loss success stories and the muscle gain success stories pages!

Vince writes:

“Until one day I stumbled across one of Scooby’s videos on youtube. That day, my life changed…From then on I watched every video and read every bit of information that Scooby provided. Not only does he make it easy to understand, but the best part is….that it’s FREE! Scooby has helped me optimize every aspect of my life from having a healthy nutrition to having perfect form while lifting at the gym. I can’t put it into words how thankful I am for all his great advice!

Thank you so much Scooby, I appreciate everything that you do very much!