This is Timo from Hamburg, Germany and what a success story! Timo lost 19kg (41 pounds) – wow, look at the difference! Timo went from overweight to fitness model in a year! Congratulations Timo! Losing weight slowly like Timo did (1-2 lbs/week) lets you remove the fat without removing the muscle. Its clear from his amazing after photo that Timo either gained muscle or at a minimum didnt lose any! Normally I require a shirtless before and after photo but with this much weight loss, its completely clear that these results are real. In the before picture you can see his face is much wider and fuller and that the sweater is quite tight in the belly region.

Timo writes:

Hi Scooby,

I wanted to write you an email because you really helped me a lot with losing weight without losing muscles. Even though I don’t have a shirtless (so no success story) before picture I wanted to let you know that you were a great inspiration for me.
I learned that by eating low fat instead of low carb I do not lose any muscles at all…moreover I love your German touch and me and some friends stick to your rules for about 10 months now. I lost 19kg in that time and I am feeling better than ever before. Still 3 kg missing though but that won’t be a problem and in 2 months I will be ready for the “hot” German summer ;-).

So thanks a lot! Alles klar?!

Timo (Hamburg, Germany)”