This is Steve from Derby, UK and who lost 35 pounds of fat and added muscle at the same time which completely transformed his appearance – congratulations Steve!!! Fitness and bodybuilding isn’t just for twenty-something, its for everyone! Steve here is 45 but now looks like he is a twenty-something :)

Steve writes:

“I had lost a lot of weight and I guess all my muscle during my divorce from sep 2008, I guess from the body building part this was a good start, but I didnt know what I was doing, I was going to the gym, went from 96kg to about 79kg then started training, didnt know what i was doing or eating.
I came across you website as many others searching for info. I found your advice very easy to follow, down to earth a nd honest. You also have a good atitude towards what you do and dont need, but everyone can choose thier own goal and what they want to do and use.

Your knowledge is very straightforward and contains no myths, as an engineer myself I can relate to a lot of the theories you have and follow your videos etc on youtube and your site. You are a credit to yourself and the sport.
I am pleased I found your info and feel i am now a credit to myself, I have got somewhere i may never have got and will continue in
to the future and strive to be the best, fitess and best looking i can be, cheers to scooby.”