This is Sam from Midwest City, OK and what an amazing success story. Sam lost 120 pounds in about a year. Sam didnt have access to a gym so he used the workouts on this website using walking for his cardio. What an amazing transformation! Congratulations Sam! Cant wait to see his results at the end of the summer.

Do you look like Sam did? Look at his before picture. Without any fad diets or gym memberships he was able to lose his weight with hard work and determination – you can too!

Sam writes:

“Hey Scooby. My name is Sam, i’m 20 years old, and i’m from Midwest City, Oklahoma (U.S.A.), and i’ve been keeping up with your Youtube videos for a while now. I’ve had some amazing progress with weightloss. So, here are my pictures to show it. The first picture was taken on May 1st, a few months after I started exercising. I started earlier that year at 375 pounds, the May 1st picture was taken at 335 pounds. The Feb. picture was taken at 245 pounds. That means i’ve lost 130 pounds in just under a year.

My Cardio workouts started out at just a couple miles of walking a day, and by June, I was walking 6 miles a day. I also started going to a friends gym to work out every Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I did that for a few months, until my friend went back to school in August, and since I didn’t have access to a gym, I started working out at home with your beginner workouts. Pushups, Crunches, Lunges, etc. I used that for a few months, and i’ve been working on your intermediate workouts every since. I just wanted to say, thank you for your advice and nutrition tips. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help. I’m aiming to lose another 45-50 pounds by the end of Summer (2010), and i’ll be in the best shape of my life!”